Zeus Custom - The Prime Project

In 2018, we’ve seen one of the most exciting entries into the world of custom bike builds – South East Asia. A year on, we’ve got Zeus Customs hailing from Thailand, who were commissioned by none other than Royal Enfield to build a show-stopping bike on a ridiculously slender deadline. Mooyong, the head of ZC, snapped this offer up quicker than you could say gearhead and thanks to his bold decision, they were able to produce the RE Interceptor 650 we see before us today. Not only that, but Zeus Customs’ first Western-commissioned build has been showered with awards at the Bangkok International Motor Show – not bad going for 45 days work…


We can all agree that Royal Enfield are a pretty prolific bunch, being not only one of England’s leading bike manufacturers, but also one of the World’s elite to boot. When they came knocking at the ZC door, Mooyong welcomed their lofty request with open arms, seeing it as not only a challenge, but as a huge compliment to him and his company. It had shown, in no uncertain terms, the meteoric rise of his company’s reputation, stretching halfway across the globe. After drawing up his 650 twin cylinder sketches for the head honchos of Royal Enfield, Mooyong was commissioned soon after, with little over a month to deliver the entire build…at the largest profile motorbike show in Thailand! Thankfully, Mooyong and his team were a confident bunch and as soon as they took delivery of the factory stock Interceptor, it was up in the air and ready to be prodded, tweaked and twisted into all manner of crazy ways to build their masterpiece from the ground up.


Mooyong and the team had big plans for the fuel tank of the Interceptor. They wanted to make the design into one flowing swoosh, with the engine seamlessly integrated within. To actually do this though, was another story. Each piece had to be meticulously hand crafted and then placed at varying degrees around the chassis that had to narrow towards the tail end – a true test of ZC’s craftsman credentials. Of course, they passed with flying colours and they had the bike looking like a head turner already once this was complete. A big part of why RE commissioned Mooyong and his team was because of this desire to incorporate the original fuel tank into their final design. Once the work was completed you could see why. To the naked eye, there are no breaks or changeovers in the chassis, creating an almost ethereal, flowy look to the design. This, paired with the contrasts of the black paint and white pinstripe paint job offer such an interesting juxtaposition that is hard to match.

Once the chassis was perfected, it was time to drop that body low. Again, it was a ground up job, with the springs being taken apart and rebuilt with lower models, alongside custom 340mm rear shocks to ensure that the chassis ran perfectly parallel to the floor. Everything (even the wheel spokes) was then painted black and some classic Firestone rubber was fitted to the wheels to further cement that low-set aggressive look. Towards the end of the build, with the show fast-approaching, it was only right that they perfected the actual ride quality to fit the earth shattering aesthetics. The twin cylinder engine plays note after note of petrol-fuelled music with the deftest of touches on the handles, the rear seats were custom made for a more classic feel, along with hand stitched upholstery for both quality and comfort. But what would all that be if they had forgot the finishing touches? Zeus Customs’ attention to the little things is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Hiding the battery, leaving negative space underneath the seat for filters, fitting twin brass pipes and even the crafting of the headlights and indicators all ensured that the bike they named ‘The Prime’ was received at the expo with the primal, thunderous cheers and applause befitting its name.


You can find a bit more out about Zeus Custom on their Instagram and their website!