Black & Tan - A Triumph Scrambler


For the guys over at Analog Motorcycles, black and tan is a natural pairing and it’s no surprise that when they created a stunning black and tan CB750 a few years ago, it caught the attention of customer Tony. “Tony wanted the same design as that bike, but something he could take on a fire road every once in a while,” says Analog. After finding the perfect base bike (a brand new 2017 Triumph Scrambler) he put a few hundred miles on the clock, before leaving it in the capable hands of the guys at Analog. 

After partially stripping it down, the team cut off the extra-long subframe and welded on a loop. The all aluminium seat pan is “one of the most complex we’ve made to date” and expertly hides all the stock electronics that are common place with modern bikes. The team also fabricated a new rear fender, headlight/speedo combo bracket and mounted some Nekken bar risers. As the budget didn’t quite stretch to a custom exhaust from scratch the Analog guys worked with Rich at Cone Engineering to achieve the perfect tone and growl. Working to a ‘simple and classy’ brief led them to swapping out the giant stock speedo, tach and headlight for the Motogadget Motoscope Classic Speedometer and a Denali M5 LED headlight. 


Once all the technical stuff was complete it was on to the body work with the gloss black and brown accents perfectly created by Artisimo. Unsurprisingly Tony couldn’t have been happier with the end result, a clean and classy Triumph Scrambler that despite its budget, is clearly the bespoke work of Analog.

You can checkout Analog Motorcycles to see more on their website and Instagram.

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