4 things to know when buying a cafe racer!

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You have probably been looking around if your interested in buying a cafe, we get so many questions daily about what are the best tips and advice when buying or even building. Here we are going to be sharing our 4 best tips to looking for a cafe racer, and what you need to know. 

The financials and bike its self

Obviously, the price of a bike is important. You should give yourself a budget, we recommend from £5000 to £10,000 depending on the style of the bike and different customisation to it. Always do research of the base bike and see what you think, you will need some basic knowledge of the base bike, especially if it is a vintage cafe. Maybe you want something that is going to be very reliable, you should look towards a more modern build. The cost of ownership is far cheaper than a car, but you will have to get insurance and for a custom cafe it is going to be a little harder than searching for a normal bike. Expect to pay quite a bit, depending on the different elements and for different companies, so make sure to shop around to get the best quotes! 

Consider your sizing 

Lets face it, you want to look good on your cafe. You need to get the best size to look good, and because its really dangerous too! If your a beginner, start off small (250cc) and work your way up. progressing up to a 1000 or 1200cc. If your under the age of 21, you could always look for a 125cc cafe, then work your way up after the age of 21 when you are legally able to ride a bigger size bike. Within the 125 category, a Honda CB125 or a CG125 is a good pick if you are wanting to go full vintage, or the Suzuki GN125 is a great pick too. If you are wanting to go for much larger options, you could go within the Yamaha XS series which has the 360, 400 or 650 unless you want to go for a virago which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays! 

What do you want to build?

You might be wanting a brat cafe, a scrambler or a true cafe. There are so many variations of them these days and its all down to you what build style you are wanting to go for. Theres not really much to say, as its up to you but we can guide you through the different types of a cafe racer. You have a brat cafe, this is Japans take on a cafe build with a distinctive longer seat with no end, normally brat style builds are fully striped down to the essentials, being the biggest aim to look good and not for the performance side of things. You could go for a scrambler if you are wanting a more off road look, with their knobbly tyres they are becoming very popular builds these days and look great too! Now its down to you to what build style you are going to choose, let us know in the comments which you will be picking for your project?

You will have a unique bike

Once your cafe racer project is finished, or you have acquired a build, you can be sure that your build is going to be pretty unique, yes maybe other people might have the same style cafe as you but its down to you how you build your project. With so many different parts and different ways to build bikes nowadays we are seeing more and more workshops and bike builders completely remaking their style of bikes. You definatley know that your bike will be turning head when out on the road. 

Be sure to let us know what tips and ideas you have for when building or buying a cafe racer in the comments below!