Introducing: Groot - Diamond Atelier’s crown jewel

We’ve always said that motorbike craftsmanship is as much about art as it is about science and Diamond Atelier have proven this to be true yet again with their newest build.

Who are Diamond Atelier?

Born out of frustration, Diamond Atelier build all of their bikes by hand. With so many cookie-cutter, mass-produced designs on the cafe racer scene, Pablo Steigleder and Tom Konecny took it upon themselves to change the game seemingly overnight with their awe-inspiring designs that incorporate old school BMW aesthetics and ‘families’ of limited-run models. The Munich based garage has gone global, with bike fanatics the world over flocking to them for their customer designs. But one which has caused more than a little buzz in the community is their new build - Groot.

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What is Groot?

Groot marks the expansion of Diamond Atelier’s portfolio. By their own admission, they wanted to stay true to their style to cement solid foundations; “…back in that time we knew we first have to shape our signature style before going broad”. But the time is now, and Groot signifies a big step in the company’s future - one that may well see them take over the bike scene in the next few years. Before we jump into the specifics of the bike itself, shall we quickly address that name? Groot? All you Marvel fans out there will know Groot as the loveable character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

DA founder, Pablo explains their seemingly-bizarre choice; “We named the ‘Mark II’ after Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. So we’ve decided to stick to the Marvel Universe. And nothing fits our vision of riding through the forest better than the famous little tree monster ‘Groot’". Not so stupid after all then… So what actually is Groot? Well, Groot is DA’s very first scrambler, based on the classic BMW R65 - a rapid, lightweight scrambler, which suits both of DA’s founders’ needs perfectly; “we love to escape at weekends. It could be hunting, climbing or camping—but the right bike to throw in the back of the van was missing”. This is where Groot was conceptualised, and they want you to share their passion project with them

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Let’s talk specs.

Being self-confessed lovers of the iconic 2 valve airhead, the BMW base simply had to be included. Groot uses a BMW 248-type-frame as its base, utilising a shorter swing arm and dual shock. It is also kitted out with 17” BMW Snowflake rims, TKC 80 tires and so much more, with only the highest quality parts being sourced for the build. All this work behind the scenes is what makes Groot Diamond Atelier’s landmark body of work. Unlike their previous bikes - all designed with one purpose in mind, Groot was designed to be comfortable in any situation, anywhere, any time. They explain this more in detail; “The need was a bike that appears clean and well balanced enough to unmistakably be a true Diamond Atelier build, but also be functional outside city traffic on unpaved roads”. And there we have it - one of the most exciting builds of the year, let’s just hope our bank accounts can handle this one, because God knows we’ll be investing in one of these

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