Kremer Racing - A bit of history

Based in Cologne, Germany, we have Kremer Racing. Founded by racing driver Erwin Kremer and his brother Manfred, for all of their lives they have been Porsche fanatics, and we want to discover why. Discover this article for an insight into the factory and the history behind their tuned Porsches and why they simply made the best equipment, that they raced themselves and sold to other teams. 



In 1979, Kremer won the 24 hours Le Mans with their own 935 K3 build, alongside Klaus Ludwig, Don and Bill Whittington. With also winning the Daytona 24 hours, 1995 in a K8 Spyder. Starting off initially for their building in the 70s of 911s, 914-6 GTs, and 934s, later they went on to build 8 cars starting with the letter K, followed by the number in order of construction. They where essentially taking cars that where already winning in every series they drove, and made them even more powerful. With Porsche withdrawing its group 5 factory in 1978, Kremer created the K3, with it becoming the car everyone wanted to see, having success for the next 20 years. 

Nowadays located on the outside of Cologne, Kremer present their offices and large warehouse where they carry out large parts of their maintenance and restoration. With their successes easily to spot on shelves, trophy after trophy, showing off their mementos and celebrating their Porsche and their teams history. 

Sadly, after suffering a hearth attack the companies founder and owner, Erwin died in 2006. Younger brother and co founder Manfred Kremer bought it back in 2008, before selling it to Mr. Baunach in 2010. Every one knows there is tons of history in this team and company, and that is something that will live forever. 

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