Our most popular Instagram posts 2017

For us, 2017 has been a great year. We have grown by 135,000 followers on Instagram and received over 7 million total likes across all of our posts. The original aim for us when starting out this platform was to have something else to compliment the platform which is why we have launched this site. Have a browse through our top eight Instagram posts of 2017 and relive some memories and throwbacks, letting us know your favourites. 

Number 8:

Reaching for the moon... Here is an image from Aaron B Hall aka Aaron Brimhall, an amazing photographer who we have featured many times. Some people may say this is photoshopped, but we are sure its just an amazing composition of a photo. 


Number 7:

Carousel images always seem to do well, its a new feature by Instagram and in this post it just shows they if you use the tools well you can create a killer post which all your followers love.  


Number 6:

We do have a predominantly male audience, so they will love images like this. For a guy, whats better than a great bike with a great something else. Lets just say, you know what we mean. 


Number 5:

Heres a Yamaha XV750 Virago Project, I think we are still searching for the owner to credit them for this awesome build. Fully blacked out except one or two details, we love it and can see why it made the top 10!


Number 4:

We have posted this image of a Yamaha XV750 Virago project many times, built by Peters Dog Cycle based out of Lithuania. Its one of the most popular bike images on Instagram and our post wasn't any exception. Our followers loved it and are always asking questions on the build which is great to see. 


Number 3:

This Honda CBR954RR quoted by Wenley Moto Design, the builders. With the huge chunky wheels, it was certainly going to always be up there. Some of the comments we had back from this post was great, asking questions and engaging with the post as much as possible. Its for sure a great looking bike, but I don't want to know how much that back tyre would cost!


Number 2:

Our second most popular, towards the end of the year we really wanted to see what our followers wanted. We conducted questions and surveys using our audience and it definitely worked. These before and afters of builds went down a treat, people can really see the perspective of what goes into this bikes and when they are getting converted. 


Number 1:

Our most popular image of the year, gaining a huge 15,000 likes and reaching up to 130,000 people. It might not be the most motorbike incorporated photo but we certainly love it! Shared by De Raneri Simone, a top motorcycle photographer based out of Italy, its sure an awesome photo that you don't see everyday!



Let us know in the comments what was your favourite post of the year on our feed. Here is to 2018 being a great year for us and gaining even more of audience viewing these incredible bike builds daily.