The worlds first Kevlar boots


Images courtesy of Moto Bailey - Words by Lewis Ombler 


With the idea of making the first "ride everyday boot", coming from a drive in downtown Austin with a custom Ducati pulling out in front, Moto Bailey where somewhat ticked by the fact that every time they wanted to get out on their bike they always had to bring an extra pair of shoes. Moto Bailey told us they just had to do something about it...

Moto Bailey told us their boots are designed to be worn everyday, with comfort. Handmade with superior quality and carefully designed to fit all riders. Whether its a casual walk round town, or a rocky road on your scrambler they tell us you WILL be comfortable. Being the first company to offer this, their boots are lined with kevlar mixed with full grain French leather adding to that durable long lasting design. 

Kevlar is a material made to withstand high impact, with a strength of 5 times stronger than steel with its high strength to weight ratio, its perfect for a pair of riders boots. 



Standing behind the design, and quality of the boots having a no questions return always is a positive when buying any product, an no this isn't an advertisement article. Moto Bailey have their Moto family, so when you buy into their boots you are a part of their fam. We want to know if you think the worlds first Kevlar boots are a good idea and would you rock them?