This Thailand workshop is making big moves

We look how this Thailand based workshop has built their latest commission by BMW Motorrad Thailand, with a challenge.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.02.45.png

Words by Lewis Ombler - Imagery by K Speed


When you think of Thailand, do you think custom motorcycles? We have to say, recently we have been! We sat down with K-Speed and talked through their latest commission by BMW Motorrad Thailand. The new R9t model was commissioned by BMW for them to show as a stock custom bike, as it will be able to keep its warranty as nothing has been chopped. Now showing off at Luka Moto Cafe with 2 other builds, this R9t caught our attention on Instagram. With the bike now being shown at Luka Moto cafe, we had to have a chat to the guys over at K Speed about what they did to the bike to have a cafe racer style but keep the warranty.


Open in collaboration with BMW Motorrad Thailand, Luka Moto Cafe is a concept, hangout for bikers to show off their bikes and builds. BMW Motorrad Thailand chose 3 custom shops to complete a custom build of the new RNt that will be on display within the cafe, with K Speed being one of them. A few different elements on the bike where changed, with nothing being chopped off, keeping the warranty of the bike under BMW. Some of the changes where small, such as a new Monza fuel cap adding a chrome look finish to the build, but others where on the bigger side. K Speed built a custom made 2 to 2 exhaust, it looks a bit of a monster right? Adding a LED headlight, gave the front a new look, with also the rear being upgraded to a LED with turning signals. 


A custom made saddle was built by the guys of K Speed, to add to that super bike, cafe racer style look. I think its wonderful and finishes off the upholstery of the bike perfect. Going back to the front of the build, K Speed told us they added a new clip on handle set, but didn't want to reveal the exact bars and also reducing the size of the front mud guard was a small change leading to better looks. K Speed told us it was a challenge for them not to be able to cut the bike up, but looking at the imagery we certainly couldn't tell that it has been a challenge for them. So if your ever in Bangkok, Thailand will you be visiting Luka Moto cafe to take a look at the closer details of this R9t build? Let us know in the comments below!