Something you've never saw before - Auto Fabrica's Type 18


Renowned bespoke bike builders Auto Fabrica have teamed up with BMW to create the brand new Type 18 and with 26 available to buy, here’s everything you need to know about the new bike… 

Taking inspiration from BMW’s aviation history, the masters at Auto Fabrica have created a bike that has bigger and prettier wings than ever before. It wasn’t just a look back at history that inspired the bike though, with a mixture of aluminium coachwork and 3D printed parts for the body giving it a thoroughly modern feel. 

With a shapely design and curved lines, the brothers behind Auto Fabrica whose motto is ‘less is more’ have created something exciting and different. The Type 18 evolved from an R9 scrambler, a process that takes over a year to complete. The aluminium cladding is expertly integrated into the original framework and it’s this attention to detail that makes the process is such a lengthy one. 

The Type 18 may look simple but the production details are far from it.The long exhausts are also fully handmade and give off quite the sound, you’ll definitely hear the T18 before you see it. View a photo set below to see more of the type 18.


You can read more about the exact spec list of the Type 18 on the Auto Fabrica website